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doTERRA Balance Deodorant Review

Updated: Mar 19, 2019

My ongoing quest to detoxify mine and my family's lives has me trying natural deodorant for the first time in my life.

As a fitness professional who teaches classes every day, I can say that this stuff really works!! Never having used natural or organic deodorant in the 30 years I've been teaching and working out I wasn't reluctant to try it but I was skeptical that it would work for ... me.

Because I teach at various times a day, multiple times a day and am known to be a heavy "sweater", I have deodorant sticks everywhere - gym bag, spare gym bag in the car, locker at the gym and one in each of two bathrooms in my house lol. You can thank me later for my obsession to not stink near you haha.

I've been using the doTERRA Balance deodorant now for a month and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works. The only difference is that I find that I have to apply it an extra time - at night, after my shower - in addition to doing it in the morning. Otherwise, it works great!!

Good job doTERRA!

My quest to detoxify my house and personal toiletries continues!



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