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Livestream Fitness Classes - Five Tips to Get The Most Out of The Experience

#virtualfitness #tuesdaytip Well it’s been about 1 week since clubs/studios have started offering online classes due to the COVID-19 shutdown. It’s been unprecented and navigating the situation daily has become exercise in itself!

It isn’t about creating a professionally produced performance video for distribution or even on the other end of the spectrum, a quick exercise movement video on social media for an online challenge or support group. It’s about attempting to a closely as possible bring the in-club fitness class experience online and that has been a lot of work.

Needless to say it’s been trial and error and so here are a few tips for helping you get the best experience out of livestream Fitness classes.

1️⃣Stick to a routine - As much as 3pm class on a Wednesday sounds great because you’re home and bored, consider making these odd hour class times, “treats” and look for classes that run at times you would regularly take class.

If you regularly have afternoons off and work out at that time, then go for it!

The point is to keep up or maintain consistency in your workouts and ultimately your life, especially during this extreme, uncertain time.

2️⃣Bluetooth Ear Buds or Portable Speakers if unable to hook up device to a large screen/TV - Sound is extremely important to the experience whether it’s volume or music choices.

Try a clsss with the sound coming from your device and then from external speakers or audio outputs ... such a difference!

Those of you lucky to have surround sound should be adding lighting and having a club dance party up in your living room lol!

3️⃣Raise or lower your viewing screen where applicable, move closer or further away - This is to minimize eye and neck strain. This can be moving the device or moving yourself. I’ve been known to do some Pilates and stretch videos on my bed because the tv in my bedroom is raised and looking up and turning my head to look sideways was uncomfortable.

Listen the exercises are enough work, don’t let the learning process be further hindered by functional or rather dysfunctional positioning.

Think about bring in a live class and you can’t see the instructor or you have to strain to see them; not enjoyable, right? So set yourself up literally for success and adjust yourself and your surroundings accordingly.

4️⃣Hydrate just as you would in person - Hopefully during a livestream class the instructor is either coaching water breaks if not modeling it themselves. If not, take it upon yourself to have water in reach and drink when you are ready.


5️⃣HAVE FUN🥳!! An obvious one but in these uncertain times, one thing is for sure and it’s the need to enjoy yourself doing the activities that you can.

In most cases these online classes are being taught by an instructor you know and that gives the experience just that much more.

Have fun with the intimate setting of class coming from your favourite instructors home, knowing that this is temporary (positive vibes y’all) and you’ll all be back together soon:).

Connect with me on Facebook for your invite to livestream classes I’m holding! Check out my Fitness & Dance Page to see my schedule.



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