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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Aromatic Description - Spicy, woody Collection Method - Steam distillation Plant Part - Resin from Copaifera reticulata, officinalis, coriacea, and langsdorffii Main Constituents - Caryophylene

Source - Copaiba Essential Oil from doTERRA is sourced from the resin of Copaiba trees in Brazil. doTERRA’s Copaiba Essential Oil is a blend a 4 species of the Copaiba plant. This is done to increase the therapeutic potential and potency of the Essential Oil.

Science - This essential oil works on the Endocannabinoid system of the body, which is a critical part of our body’s functioning. It is has BetaCaroPhyllene in it. BetaCaroPhyllene works on the CB2 receptor in the body, which affects the Endocrine and Immune System of the body. This makes it a perfect alternative to other oils like CBD and THC (hemp oil), since it does not give the high that is experienced with these other oils, yet still offers the same benefits.

Other oils offered by doTERRA that contain BetaCaroPhyllene are: • Black Pepper 21% • Melissa 13% • Ylang Ylang 13% • Clove 8% • Helichrysum 5% • Juniper Berry 5%

Copaiba contains 60%!!!!!!

Benefits to the body 1. Liver and antioxidant support 2. Cardiovascular health 3. Sustain proper immune response 4. Digestive support 5. Support proper neurological function 6. Proper respiratory function 7. Neurological support 8. Underlying skin tissue espec. combined with cedarwood 9. Inflammation 10. Calming to emotions especially for stress 11. Combine with citrus Essential Oils to elevate mood 12. Combine with Siberian Fir or floral essential oils and it is deeply soothing and relaxing to the body’s tissues.

Fun facts about Copaiba • The Amazon rainforest represents over 1/2 of the planet’s remaining rainforests. doTERRA is proud to partner with a large network of Copaiba harvesters that sustainably collect their oleoresin and ensure that the trees will be around for years to come. • Copaiba trees can grow to more than 100 feet tall!

Cautions - Possible skin sensitivity. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or under a doctor’s care, consult your physician. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears, and sensitive areas.

If you are interested in this or any other natural health product from doTERRA, contact me and I'd be happy to help you:).

To purchase doTERRA essential oils and/or other natural wellness products, just go to: and:

1. Select join and save

2. Choose wholesale customer (if you plan to be a customer only - you can upgrade later but we can chat about that) or wellness advocate if you want to build a business with doTERRA or refer your family and friends and earn some money back for doing so.

3. Fill in your details

4. Choose whichever starter kit you feel drawn to (my pick is the Home Essentials Kit + Fractionated Coconut oil as it has everything you need to get started, otherwise select the Introductory Enrolment Packet and add the individual oils you would like to start with).


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