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Since the day I first became certified as a fitness instructor, my goal was always to share my love of health and fitness.


I follow a holistic approach to wellness that incorporates mind, body and soul/spirit.


As healthy as I thought I was, in the past I was just going through the motions.


Now I am dedicated to removing toxins from mine and my families' lives and I have added natural health solutions to my holistic approach. Essential Oils have been that solution. 

I want to share that with you:).


I offer essential wellness classes as well as 1-on-1s and Lunch & Learns in person but also online.


These opportunities include information on:

I offer lifestyle assessments and recommend activities and products to help people realize their goals for themselves and their families in the following areas:

Going natural is life changing and it's absolutely doable! One drop is all that is needed to achieve a powerful benefit. It's also amazing how inexpensive oils are when you break them down. 


Feel free to go to my doTERRA site.

My oil community on Facebook (A Well-Oiled Machine) and my YouTube Channel (Live Well with Michelle) are great resources as well. 

Send me a message and we'll chat!

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Michelle Moses, FHP Dip., canfitpro FIS, Zumba (ZIN & SYNC), TRX - certified, doTERRA Wellness Advocate


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