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Have you ever had a negative experience with fitness or exercise and now struggle to do it even though you know it’s good for your health?
Are you trying program after program with no success - The classic Yo-Yo cycle?
Do you want to find a program that is manageable, realistic, sustainable and most importantly, WORKS?
Well here it is!
Not just another “fitness” book, Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals takes the foundations of fitness and personalizes them to you in order to reset your health & wellness journey and get you lifetime results!
Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals will …
  • Dig deep into discovering your true why for wanting to be healthy,
  • Show you how to assess your current fitness level, and then set smart goals
  • Challenge you once and for all to take control of your fitness, health and wellness
  • Create THE plan that you will stick to get and keep your results
If you are tired of taking shortcuts with your health & fitness and want to enjoy fitness on a whole other level other than just losing the next 10 lbs; this book is for you!
About the Author - Michelle is a wellness advocate, fitness ambassador and consultant, sports & fitness instructor and community health coach with over 30 years in the industry. 


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