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Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Grocery shopping is your chance to choose the ingredients you use when preparing your meals and snacks.

Stocking your kitchen with healthy ingredients makes it easier to prepare and eat healthy meals and snacks.

Here are 5 Steps to Healthier Grocery Shopping from

1- Be prepared: Plan ahead and always shop with a grocery list. Part of being prepared includes not shopping on an empty stomach.

2. Fill your cart with healthy choices: Your cart should be colourful. As a helpful tip, make half of the items in your shopping cart vegetables and fruits.

3. Assess your shopping habits: Keep track of where in the grocery store you are spending time and the types of foods you put in your shopping cart.

Take time to look at food labels.

Being aware of marketing that can affect your purchases (i.e. free samples, promotional items, product placement,colourful packaging).

4. Think of the environment: Use reusable shopping bags, and choose products with less packaging.

5. Try making an impact at your grocery store: give feedback, share ideas and encourage the promotion of healthy food choices instead of highly processed foods.

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