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Mental Health & Fitness

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Yesterday was hard for me.

The past seven days have been hard for me.

There have been hard times consistently throughout my life and that’s how life is.

So far I have been able to make it through relatively unscathed with help of friends, family, health & wellness professionals, modern and alternative medicine and EXERCISE!

I know that when you are feeling bad or low, the last thing you want to do is a workout.

But if you can do something, anything; regardless of how long or short the duration, the benefits are proven.

Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood.

Not rocket science.

You all know this but exercise, which is critical to total health, should be seen as PART of a total wellness plan and not the “be all and all” because that would be setting someone up for failure.

As a fitness professional of 30 years this has always been my philosophy; and it’s why I dedicated an entire chapter of my book on how to set up 2-3 exercise plans so that you always have an option.


It’s the only way to deal with a constantly changing world. Options help you feel “unstuck”. Options allow you to feel accomplished.

Taking care of yourself in the face of adversity makes it possible to take care of those around you. Flexibility is the key.

So if you are like me and need a “reset”, today (Wednesday) is the day to do it. To get over the “hump” as they say🙃.

Let’s do this!

Have a great day everyone🤗!



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