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Your Get-Healthy Checklist: Here's A List of Doctor's Appointments You Should Be Making

Updated: May 8, 2019

The joke about my celebrating my birthday for the entire month is that I could get hit by a bus tomorrow and not make it to the actual day so I’m going to celebrate all month long lol. Of course, I don’t live life like that – in fear that it could all end tomorrow – but I am realistic that I’m getting older and that if I want to be around for a few more years I need to take care of my #health. So here is my standard list of appointments I schedule and a few that are a good idea for women in general based on their situation.

1. Dentist: You need a checkup every six months for oral exams (which includes a sweep for oral cancer), and cleanings to keep your teeth nice and pretty.

2. Optometrist: Every two to three years is good and especially in your 40s

3. Gynecologist:_Once a year. This is for all that good stuff like Pap smears, pelvic exams, breast exams, and screenings.

4. Primary care physician: Once a year or every other year (minimum!). This is the time to get your flu shot, or tetanus shot (you need one every 10 years), and a general check on your fitness level. This may also include a cholesterol screening. If you have a family history of certain types of cancers, check with your PCP about when you might need extra checkups. (For example, fibroids and ovarian cancer runs in my family, so I make sure to make an annual checkup.)


Allergist/Allergy Shots: For those who have allergic reactions, depending on the type of test, it could vary from every two to four weeks for the first five months and later, once a month for the next three to five years.

ENT (Ear, Nose, Throat) Specialists: ENT specialists can also provide treatments for cosmetic surgeries, sinus pain and head and neck cancer, according to the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology.

Colonoscopy/Proctologists: Every 10 years (for people with average or low risks of colon-related illnesses)

Chiropractor: Most people tend to seek chiropractors because of pains and strains, according to the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA). As a #fitness and #dance #instructor who teaches up to 7 days a week I see a chiropractor monthly.

Dermatologist: If you're fair-skinned, have worrisome moles, or have a family history of skin cancer, book a yearly appointment.

Ok so now that that is in order, let's get back to celebrating! #birthdaymonth #scorpioseason #wellness #health #healthynana #girlonthego

Want to be connected with resources specific to you? Feel free to contact me and I can research community programs and organizations that can help you:).


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