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Rings, Rollers and Pods, OH MY! - Three Tools of the Trade for Pilates Mat Training

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Pilates Mat Training is essentially the foundation of Pilates. Most beginners will start with mat classes in order to build strength, flexibility, and posture. By building a foundation on the mat, you teach your body how to control your muscles. With focus and commitment, many start to see results and improvements quickly as your muscles are getting stronger.

It is then normal for mat classes to start to feel "easier" after a few weeks and this is where equipment can be used to challenge and progress. Here are a few pieces I like to use:

The Pilates ring was created by Joseph Pilates to be a versatile exercise aid you can use anywhere. It provides resistance for faster, more targeted toning, improving muscle strength throughout the body.

Exercises are done in the context of movement that is integrated with the whole body, not simply isolated muscles. You need your full presence in a strong posture, with legs and abdominal muscles engaged and connected to the upper body.

Using the foam roller can enhance balance, body awareness, muscular flexibility and dynamic strength. It’s also great for soothing tight muscles, reducing injury risk, and alleviating post-workout soreness. But even better, it also can be used to mimic many of the movements you'd do on a Reformer! A Reformer's moving base makes you work through the slow, focused positions of Pilates; using the foam roller can achieve a similar type of action.

Balance Pods are simple tools that help you to strengthen your core, work the body’s stabilizer muscles, increase balance (obvs😉) and prevent lower back pain.

If you have questions about Pilates workouts and how to incorporate it into your current training program, contact me and I can answer any questions you may have:).

Interested in a fitness/wellness consultation or have some questions about nutrition and your current fitness program? Join any of my groups online (Facebook) and/or pick up my book, How to be Fit for Life - Eight Proven Steps to Reaching Your Fitness Goals, Getting Results, and Living the Fitness Life for more help with your fitness journey. And please feel free to contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have:).


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